As a Certified Third Party Agency, JHA comes alongside municipal staff as Sewage Enforcement Officers and Building Code Officials. In addition, we provide zoning enforcement, as well as sewage treatment plant operations for municipal sewage systems and plants. Offering cost-effective solutions to municipal budgets of every size, JHA acts as a standby staff, ready to assist when needed. Contact us to check availability in your area.

JHA comes alongside municipal staff to supervise and administer building code enforcement activities relating to the management of building codes; supervision of building inspectors or plan examiners; authorizing issuance of certificates of occupancy; issuance of building permits, violation notices and orders to vacate; and the initiation of prosecutions.
Municipalities can designate Certified Sewage Enforcement Officers (SEOs) from JHA as their primary or alternate SEO. With multiple SEOs on staff, JHA is ready to assist municipalities with regular Monday through Friday business hours to ensure continuous service for municipal staff and residents.
No immediate need for a full-time engineering department? Partner with JHA as your Engineer of Record, and you’ll save time bidding projects with no retainers or annual contracts. In addition, you’ll also have our Regulatory team to assist with permitting road and culvert projects.
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to build a new playground or purchase a street sweeper, there is free money out there to help you accomplish your goals. Planning ahead is often the hardest yet most important part of a good project and a great Grant Application. JHA is here to help you identify funding sources, develop strong applications, and see your project through to completion.
  • John Watts, BCO, SEO

    Municipal Services Manager

  • Jesse Grimm, BCO, SEO

    Building Inspector

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